Stone Polishing Solutions Pty Ltd
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We Also specialize in Epoxy Rasin Re-Grouting for a Seamless Finish 

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Stone Polishing Solutions Pty Ltd

Cleaning and Sealing 

As much as you can be careful, you still need to have your properties’ marble or stone surfaces protected to keep their natural beauty. That is where we come in.

Stone Polishing Solutions Pty Ltd in Gold Coast/Brisbane, Queensland leaves surfaces protected and makes them easy to maintain. We provide cleaning and sealing services for any kind of granite, marble and stone.

All the products we use are specifically designed for marble, granite and all other kinds of stone. In cleaning, for example, we use specific products to avoid any damage to the stone surface. As for the protection, we apply a premium penetrating sealer, which helps in keeping the surface clean and making it easier to maintain.