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We Also specialize in Epoxy Rasin Re-Grouting for a Seamless Finish 

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Stone Polishing Solutions Pty Ltd

Full Restoration

After several years, marble and stone undergo changes because of exposure to air, oxidation, wear or usage of rough chemicals. In our full restoration solution, we will completely restore the natural aspect of the stone, remove and replace the old grout getting rid of years of wear. 

To achieve a seamless finish we use durable epoxy grout, amazing and sophisticated new machines, state-of-the-art diamond tools and up-to-date techniques to treat your floor. In addition, our innovative wet system makes sure that your house won't be covered in dust while we are working on the project.

Many steps are involved in this procedure, but Tony, one of our experts, can make the job feel like a stroll in the park because of the knowledge and skills he has gained in his more than 30 years of experience. 

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