Grinding and Polishing

Is your marble or stone still in good condition but looks a bit tired or dull, stained or cracked? Why don't you put some life back into it? Remember, you don’t have to live with lifeless and dirty flooring and countertops. Just ask for our amazing team’s help and we will bring back your surfaces’ beautifully polished look.

Our experts at Stone Polishing Solutions Pty Ltd in Gold Coast/Brisbane, Queensland will restore the amazing shine and prestige that made you want to purchase your marble/stone floor, benchtop or product in the first place. We will give back its shine and remove the scratches, annoying stains and much more.

Depending on the technique and the kind of diamond tools used, polishing may reach the ultimate mirror gloss effect. With our solution, the polished surface is less slippery compared to wax and crystallization polishing and is up to four times more durable compared to floors that have been polished using chemical additives such as oxalic acid and crystallization.

During the project, we won't just look after the product we are working on but also protect your property and belongings by wrapping everything around with care. We will also keep you up-to-date with what is happening every step of the way, and, once the work is done, you can count on us to leave your house tidy.

Keep Your Marble Clean

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